Vortakt’s S³ Technology Solution for Clocking Machined Features on Barrels

How the Single Setup Solution Mitigates Most Barrel Indexing Issues

When a barrel manufacturer mentions clocking, they’re not referring to your 6:00AM wakeup call! Clocking (or indexing) is tied to the radial relationship of machined features. Barrel manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure these features are perfectly positioned relative to each other in order to accommodate part fitment, sight alignment, extractor groove placement, and a variety of other features. Historically this process has been fairly time-intensive, requiring an extreme level of consistency in setup operations between multiple machining centers. While this attention to detail is necessary to create a properly functioning (and accurate) barrel, Vortakt has effectively optimized this process with its fully-automated turning cell “The Profiler” through S³, our optimized “Single Setup Solution.”

What is Vortakt’s “S³” Single Setup Solution?

S³ eliminates the potential for clocking inconsistencies because the part is held in a fixed position by a collet chuck throughout the entire finishing process. An encoder features 360,000 radial lines per revolution, enabling the machinist to define precisely where to rotationally position the machine for each machining operation. If the machine is programmed to index 90 degrees about the barrel, it will hit its mark in that exact position with an incredible degree of precision.

By consolidating turning, milling, chambering, and threading operations within a single setup, the S³ process is able to ensure that all operations are executed on a very precise relational index. Now that’s some “revolutionary” automation technology!

S³ Technology provides a unique benefit to Vortakt OEM Partners, in which length and timing can be positioned identically on both the muzzle and breech threads of each and every barrel produced. If an action, muzzle device, or barrel extension manufacturer is able to hold similar tolerances with their corresponding threading operations, perfectly consistent headspacing and indexing can be achieved between the barrel and its host action (alleviating the need for spacing washers, shoulder setbacks, and finish reaming).

An additional benefit to S³ Technology is its ability to allow for consistent clocking of features in relation to rifling lands and grooves. Best practices dictate that a gas port should be drilled in the center of either the land or groove (where applicable based on land and groove design). By effectively leveraging S³ Technology, Vortakt can ensure each gas porting operation is carried out in an identical manner across an entire production lot.

S³ Technology allows for precise feature machining on the following popular firearm platforms:

AR-15 and AR-10:

  • Gas Port/Rifling Alignment
  • Barrel Extension Timing
  • Muzzle Device Indexing
  • Headspacing



  • Gas Port Indexing
  • Gas Porting/Rifling Alignment
  • Muzzle Threads
  • Breech Face Indexing
  • Front Sight Alignment
  • Lower Handguard Retainer Slot

M1 Garand/M14

  • Lightening Cuts
  • Handguard Clip Slots
  • Lower Band/Op Rod Guide
  • Spring Pin Slots
  • Gas Porting/Rifling Alignment
  • Muzzle and Breech Threading
  • Flash Hider Splines
  • Front Sight Clocking
  • Feed Ramp Indexing
  • Gas Cylinder Lock Threads
  • Gas Cylinder Spline Placement


M1 Carbine

  • Front Sight Key Slot
  • Bayonet Attachment
  • Operating Slide Guideway
  • Slide Dismount Notch
  • Machined Flats
  • Breech Threading
  • Breech Face Geometry
  • Gas Porting/Rifling Alignment
  • Gas Cylinder Threads
  • Index Mark



  • 10/22® Retaining Dovetail
  • Rear Sight Dovetail
  • Extractor Slot
  • Platform-specific Muzzle and Breech Threading

Bolt Action Rifles

  • Extractor Grooves
  • Shoulder Depth/Headspacing
  • Front Sight Key
  • Platform-specific Muzzle and Breech Threading
  • Integral Bayonet Lugs

Pistol Designs

  • Feed Ramp Alignment
  • Muzzle Threading
  • Front Sight Indexing
  • Lug Machiningaaa
Vortakt's Single Setup Solution CNC Lathe With CRX Robot

How does S³ Technology Benefit Firearm Manufacturers?

The benefits of S³ extend well beyond simple machining operations. Time saved with setup, minimized scrap rate, increased consistency between barrels, and the ability to simplify firearm assembly means that both Vortakt and our OEM partners are able to streamline production, reduce costs, and improve the bottom line. Please contact our sales department via email at info@vortakt.com or over the phone at (262) 345-0888 with any questions regarding S³ Technology and how it’s revolutionizing barrel manufacturing capabilities.

OEM Promise

Vortakt Barrel Works provides OEM rifle and pistol barrel manufacturing services to top brands across the firearm industry. By effectively harnessing automation technology and adhering to engineering best practices, our team provides innovative partnership solutions based on your unique needs.

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