Vortakt Barrel Performance Series

Economy and quick turnaround without sacrificing quality, for when margins make all the difference.
Our most popular and versatile offering. The perfect balance of performance, value, and process.
Finished to perform. The benefits of a straighter bore, tighter tolerances, and lapped finish in volume you can rely on.
Match-grade quality barrels held to exacting standards, with the added benefits of lead lapping.
The final word in precision. Small batch production with tightest possible controls and performance standards.


All Vortakt® barrels are manufactured using UNISIG gundrilling, reaming and rifling machines and tested to our rigorous quality standards. This ensures that every barrel you purchase – no matter the Series – meets our standardized performance levels.
100 Series barrels are gundrilled and reamed faster with fewer tool changes, leading to cost-effective production. Maintaining Vortakt’s rigorous standards and SAAMI specifications, Series 100 barrels yield consistent quality at production quantities.

200 Series barrels are our most popular – balance affordability without sacrificing performance. These barrels are manufactured and tested above industry standards, meeting the needs of most firearm OEMs.

300 Series barrels are match-grade quality. Gundrilled and reamed at slower feeds and lapped to remove tooling marks, Series 300 barrels adhere to improved tolerance standards with straighter bores, a superior finish and improved accuracy, even at high production levels.

400 Series barrels offer the same match-grade quality as Series 300 barrels with the added process of lead lapping. This removes nearly all tooling marks, resulting in a premium surface finish and consistent bore and groove diameters.

500 Series barrels offer the ultimate in performance and accuracy. Every barrel is pre-lapped, single point cut rifled, and finish lapped. The end result is a stress-free barrel made with the tightest bore and groove diameter tolerances and uniformity.

Barrel Manufacturing Resources

Barrel Chambering 101

Barrel Blanks 101

What is a Rifle Barrel Blank? Barrel blanks are cylindrical components of rifled firearms that will ultimately be machined to become a finished rifle barrel.

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Air-drop Program

4000+ piece pricing in 250 piece quantities. Request an Air-Drop for immediate delivery of Vortakt’s most popular barrel blank options.

OEM Promise

We’re partners, not competitors. Vortakt operates exclusively as an OEM barrel supplier to rifle, pistol, and shotgun manufacturers.

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