500 Series Barrels

Precision Potential 500-Series-White
Rifling Method Cut Rifled
Production Time 500-Series-White
Lapping Finish Lead Lapped
Application F-Class and Benchrest
Luxury Hunting Rifles
PRS and ELR Competition
Cost 500-Series-White
Precision Potential PP-100-Grey-01 PP-200-Grey PP-300-Grey PP-400-Grey 500-Series-White
Rifling Method Button Rifled Button Rifled Button Rifled Button Rifled Cut Rifled
Production Time PT-100-Grey PT-200-Grey PT-300-Grey PT-400-Grey 500-Series-White
Lapping Finish N/A N/A Lapped Lead Lapped Lead Lapped
Application Duty-Grade Firearms
Mil-Spec Performance
Basic Hunting Rifles
Pistol Barrels
Modern Sporting Rifles
Mid-line Hunting Rifles
3-Gun Rifles
Long Range Hunting
Entry Level Precision Rifles
Match-Grade Service Rifles
Long Range Competition
Premium Hunting Rifles
F-Class and Benchrest
Luxury Hunting Rifles
PRS and ELR Competition
Cost C-100-Grey C-200-Grey C-300-Grey C-400-Grey 500-Series-White

The Best OEM Rifle Barrels
in the Firearm Industry

500 Series Manufacturing

For those seeking the finest rifle barrels on the planet, look no further. Vortakt® 500 Series barrels showcase a hand-lapped bore held to the utmost tolerance requirements. Incorporating a mirror-like internal surface finish, these are the highest precision barrels on the market.

While many barrel manufacturers are still rifling their barrels on antiquated machinery dating back to WWII, Vortakt rifles its 500 Series barrels on a UNISIG R25 series ball screw driven CNC rifling machine capable of unparalleled control over twist and remarkable uniformity in bore and groove diameters. Leveraging a selection of custom hook cutters featuring proprietary materials, profiles, and assembly practices, Vortakt’s 500 Series barrel incorporates an unmatched level of engineering expertise and quality practices into every element of the operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Vortakt Barrel Works requires a minimum order volume of 10 pieces for batch production of 500 Series barrels.
Lead time will vary based on your order size, design, and complexity. Contact our sales team today to get an estimated lead time for your next production batch.

The longer cycle times required for the single-point cut rifling process impacts, large volume production of 500 Series barrels and may require longer lead times. Contact our sales team to learn more about our production capabilities, and to see how Vortakt can effectively accommodate your requirements.

In optimal conditions using select match-grade or hand-loaded ammunition, it is typical for our customers to produce Sub-.5 MOA group sizes at 100 yards with high-performance rifles featuring 500 Series barrels. Rifle precision is reliant on a number of different factors aside from the barrel (these influences could include receiver design, action bedding, barrel harmonics, environmental conditions, ammunition selection, shooter skill, and many other variables).

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