Air-Drop Program

Best Pricing and Immediate Delivery of Our Most Popular Barrel Blanks

In a time of unprecedented inflation and rising prices, Vortakt Barrel Works is harnessing the power of automation technology to reduce costs on its most popular barrel blank models. By running large volume production of 200 Series barrel blanks in its automated rifling cell “The Beast” and packaging them in 250-piece “Air Drop” crates, Vortakt can offer 4,000+ piece pricing to small and large rifle manufactures alike.

CaliberMaterialLength x ODTwist rateSeries
5.56mm (.22 CF)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:7200
5.56mm (.22 CF)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:8200
5.56mm (.22 CF)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:9200

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Reduced blank pricing is available for a limited time only for select barrel blank models to both new and existing OEM customers.
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