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We’re more than an OEM barrel manufacturer, we’re a long-term business partner. In today’s volatile marketplace, firearm manufacturers may not have the luxury of waiting months (or even years) to replenish their barrel blank inventory.

To facilitate the unique requirements of pistol and rifle manufacturers, Vortakt is excited to introduce the Quick Ship program. By actively inventorying thousands of barrel blanks in the most popular configurations, Vortakt provides its business partners with the ability to immediately replenish or supplement active inventories. By minimizing lead times, minimizing inventory expenses, and providing our OEM partners with immediate fulfillment solutions, Vortakt delivers a streamlined supply chain solution unparalleled in the OEM barrel manufacturing marketplace.

CaliberMaterialLength x ODTwist rateSeries
5.56mm (.223)416R17.0"x1.00"1:7200
5.56mm (.223)416R16.5"x1.00"1:8200
5.56mm (.223)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:7200
5.56mm (.223)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:8200
5.56mm (.223)4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.00"1:9200
6.5mm4150 CrMoV21.0"x1.25"1:8200
7.62mm4150 CrMoV19.0"x1.00"1:10200
.3084150 CrMoV22.0"x1.25"1:10200
8.6 BLK (.338)416R18.0"x1.25"1:3200
.350 LGD (9mm)416R17.0"x1.00"1:16200
.350 LGD (9mm)416R19.0"x1.00"1:16200
9mm4150 CrMoV17.0"x1.25"1:10200
.300 BLK4150 CrMoV11.5"x1.00"1:8200
.300 BLK4150 CrMoV8.5"x1.00"1:8200
.324150 CrMoV21.0"x1.00"1:16200

Date Added: 8-23-2023

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