OEM Barrel Manufacturing

Vortakt® leverages the most modern in gun drilling technology and manufacturing automation to push the limits of deep hole drilling for your barrels. From 50 to 10,000 parts, Vortakt manufactures your critical parts at production volumes, with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

Barrel performance series

Barrel Performance Series

From mass production to small batch custom orders, Vortakt offers production capabilities for manufacturers of all sizes.

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Vortakt blanket order program

Blanket Order Program

Enjoy volume discounts and eliminate lead times with our Blanket Order Program. Vortakt currently schedules blanket orders up to six months long!

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Facility & equipment

Facility & Equipment

Powered by purpose-built UNISIG gun drilling, reaming, and rifling machines, our state-of-the-art production facility creates barrels that are second to none!

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Blanket order program

Barrel Blanks 101

We provide a comprehensive step-by-step overview of the materials and production processes that go into each and every Vortakt barrel blank.

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Our team is standing by to get your order into production. Contact us today to quote your next barrel order!

Barrel Manufacturing Resources


Rifling types

Caliber & Twist Options

Explore common caliber and twist options offered by Vortakt. Additional options are available by request.

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Caliber & twist options

Rifling Types 101

Button, Single Point Cut, Broach, and Cold Hammer Forged: Which rifling type is the right fit for you?

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Meet the Vortakt experts

Meet The Experts

A manufacturer is only as good as the team that runs it. We invite you to meet our team of skilled experts.

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Additional resources

Additional Resources

Review our barrel blank spec drawings, caliber list, and more in our downloads section.

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