We offer customers the option to order up to a six month supply of barrels at once. These blanket orders allow customers to take advantage of volume discounts - scheduling delivery and payments in smaller quantities - to eliminate lead times for shipments after the initial order. This gives customers more control over their logistics and cash flow, making it easier to plan for, and adapt to, a fluctuating market. This has proven to be a very popular program with our customers, allowing them to grow their business without over-extending credit.


As an example, if you forecast a need for 200 barrels per month, but want to take advantage of the 1,000 piece price, you can place an order for all 1,000 pieces and take delivery of 200 each month. Although this program requires a down payment for the 1,000 pieces, you would only be invoiced for quantity shipped per month.


Please contact us to structure a blanket order that works for you.

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