Vortakt® has been supporting OEMs with manufacturing services and expertise in deep-hole drilling since 2015. Vortakt found its roots as a division to support firearms manufacturers seeking to ramp up their production and investment. Soon, we were tasked with taking on more work from our core customers, from running overflow production to functioning as a partner in expanding capabilities beyond those in-house.


Vortakt became a free-standing division in 2018 as a way to ensure it continues to invest in the equipment and resources necessary to provide this dedicated service to our OEM partners.


Vortakt is a division of Entrust Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. which has been providing manufacturing technology to the industry since 1973. As a part of the Entrust family which includes UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Machines, we have critical access to resources that allow us to continually research, develop, and improve our manufacturing processes. Our use of UNISIG machines gives the people that design and build them much deeper insight into the demands of production. Vortakt and UNISIG work together to continually improve the UNISIG products, which gives UNISIG more ways to support their customers. This, in turn, ensures best-in-class processes to our partners. 

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