300 Series Barrels

Precision Potential C-200-White-20
Rifling Method Button Rifled
Production Time PT-300-White
Lapping Finish Lapped
Application 3-Gun Rifles
Long Range Hunting
Entry Level Precision Rifles
Cost C-300-White-22
Precision Potential PP-100-Grey-01 PP-200-Grey C-200-White-20 PP-400-Grey 500-Series-Grey
Rifling Method Button Rifled Button Rifled Button Rifled Button Rifled Cut Rifled
Production Time PT-100-Grey PT-200-Grey PT-300-White PT-400-Grey 500-Series-Grey
Lapping Finish N/A N/A Lapped Lead Lapped Lead Lapped
Application Duty-Grade Firearms
Mil-Spec Performance
Basic Hunting Rifles
Pistol Barrels
Modern Sporting Rifles
Mid-line Hunting Rifles
3-Gun Rifles
Long Range Hunting
Entry Level Precision Rifles
Match-Grade Service Rifles
Long Range Competition
Premium Hunting Rifles
F-Class and Benchrest
Luxury Hunting Rifles
PRS and ELR Competition
Cost C-100-Grey C-200-Grey C-300-White-22 C-400-Grey 500-Series-Grey

High-Quality OEM Barrels
With a Competitive Price

300 Series Manufacturing

By further refining the processes incorporated in 200 Series barrel production and incorporating our proprietary lapping operation, 300 Series barrels utilize increased cycle times and frequent tool changes, allowing Vortakt® to maintain tighter tolerances across an entire production run. Featuring reduced tooling marks and a superior bore finish, the 300 Series is a great option for manufacturers producing entry-level precision rifles and high-performance hunting firearms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Vortakt Barrel Works requires a minimum order volume of 50 pieces for batch production of 300 Series barrels.

Lead time will vary based on your order size, design, and complexity. Contact our sales team today to get an estimated lead time for your next production batch.

Our extensive vertical integration capabilities provide industry best production capacity. Many barrel manufacturers require extensive lead times and cannot accommodate large volume purchase orders. Whether you need barrels in the hundreds, tens of thousands, or in even larger quantities, Vortakt can deliver exactly what you need.
In optimal conditions using match-grade ammunition, it isn’t unusual for our customers to consistently produce Sub-MOA group sizes at 100 yards with high-performance rifle designs featuring 300 Series barrels. Rifle precision is reliant on a number of different factors aside from the barrel (these influences can range from action design and barrel harmonics to ammunition selection).

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